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I would thoroughly recommend the team at Clarity Hearing Solutions. Having resisted wearing a hearing aid I have been delighted with the device fitted by Simon Cowell and wear it constantly.

His initial expertise and advice has been supplemented by friendly and efficient follow up, which is always easily accessible"

Ann Davis (Basingstoke)

Qualified Impartial Advice For All Hearing Problems

The Best Hearing Aids From World Leading Brands

Consultant Approved CentreWe only provide the latest and best hearing device technology at Clarity Hearing Solutions. We understand that in order to deliver what our customers truly need, we need to be on the cutting edge. That is one of the reasons we have been chosen as a Consultant Approved Hearing Aid Centre. In fact, we were the very first Consultant Approved centre in the UK

Special Offers on our Hearing Aids

Unitron Remote Control

Free handy remote control with every pair of Unitron hearing aids*

Allows wireless volume adjustment and program selection of the hearing aids for improved listening experience.

*Available with most current Unitron hearing aids.

Free 5 years hearing aid batteries

Free batteries for 5 years

All our hearing aids currently include free batteries for 5 years

Widex Unique Hearing AidsWidex Hearing Aids

Famous for their outstanding sound and quality, Widex is a renowned Premium manufacturer offering fantastic hearing aid devices.  They even have their very own unique strategy for the sound therapy of Tinnitus called the Zen. 



Resound hearing aids

Resound Hearing AidsOutstanding sound quality

The latest hearing aids from Resound including the fantastic new LiNX 3D Made For iPhone hearing devices. Outstanding sound quality and a deep connection to your world. 


Phonak hearing aids

Phonak Hearing AidsBecause life should be lived.

The latest hearing aids from Phonak including the groundbreaking new Virto Titanium invisible hearing aids and their outstanding rechargeable hearing aids the Audeo B-R and the Bolero B-R, because life is on. 


Oticon hearing aids

Oticon Hearing AidsOpen up your world

The latest hearing aids from Oticon including the revolutionary Opn, outstanding sound even in noisy environments and the first hearing aid ever to connect to the internet to allow a deeper integration in your life. 


Unitron hearing aids

Unitron Hearing AidsFocusing on the conversation

The latest hearing aids from Unitron including the Tempus range and their new recahrgeable hearing aid the Moxi Fit-R. Outstanding hearing aids that focus on the conversation and a system that allows instant trials of any technology level. 


Signia Hearing Aids

Signia Hearing AidsHear better with less effort

The latest hearing aids from Signia / Siemens including the new Pure BT 13 Primax and the instant fit Signia Silk Primax invisible hearing aid. Introducing the connected ear that delivers better than normal hearing, or at least that's what they tell us. 


Starkey hearing aids

Starkey Hearing AidsMade for life

Hear better live better, with the latest hearing aids from Starkey including their Muse, Halo 2 Made For iPhone hearing devices and SoundLens Synergy Invisible hearing aids. Hearing aids made for all that life throws at you. 


Lyric Hearing Aids

It is completely invisible once fitted in your ear! Because of its position in the ear canal it provides exceptional sound quality and clear hearing even in noisy situations. People who wear Lyric over time forget that they wear a hearing aid. Lyric has been fitted in the US since 2007 and is a fantastic product worn by thousands of people, but requires specialist care and expertise to fit. 

We have been chosen to provide the Lyric hearing aid in Dorset because of our commitment to continuing education and clinical excellence. The Lyric is available as a no obligation thirty day trial device. 


What is a Hearing Aid

A hearing aid is a battery-powered, electronic device that makes listening easier for people with a hearing loss. A hearing aid consists of a microphone, an amplifier and a receiver. The microphone picks up sounds in your acoustic environment and turns them into electronic signals. The amplifier selectively amplifies the acoustic electronic signals. The receiver is a very small speaker that changes the electric signals back to sounds and delivers the sound to the ear.

Hearing aid technology is becoming more sophisticated everyday. Today’s digital hearing instruments amplify soft sounds to make them audible just like hearing aids of the past but they are able to provide many advantages over past hearing aids. These improvements include features that protect your ears to ensure that sudden loud sounds like a door slamming are not too loud, sound classifiers that will automatically adjust the characteristics of the hearing aid based on the sounds around you and even features that allow you to wirelessly talk on your mobile phone and have the sound amplified to meet your listening needs.

How Can I Benefit From Hearing Aids

  • Hearing aids can significantly enhance your quality of life
  • The latest hearing aids are designed to enhance speech, making it louder and clearer but still comfortable
  • Hearing aids can help enhance speech in background noise
  • Hearing aids can dramatically improve your awareness of surrounding sounds and voices
  • Easier communication with family and friends, higher self-esteem and greater independence and security

Hearing instruments are amazing little devices that can change your world.

Hearing Aid Insurance

Hearing aids are valuable items and we recommend that you insure them fully. You may find that your household contents insurer will add them to your home contents policy. Alternatively, the details below are of Assetsure who have a product that is specifically designed to cover hearing aids, some of the features and benefits include:

  • All Risks Insurance Includes Accidental Damage Theft and Loss
  • Worldwide insurance with up to 60 days cover for each trip abroad 
  • Cover at home and away including accidental loss 
  • Pay by monthly direct debit Insurance
  • underwritten at Lloyd’s of London

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Better hearing in three easy steps

Improving your hearing re-connects you to your world, to the people you care about and the activities you might be missing out on. With today's advanced hearing instruments and the help of a hearing healthcare professional, you can make a big change for the better - in just three easy steps. Once you've decided to take this important decision, here's what you can expect:

1. Your evaluation

The purpose of the first visit to a hearing healthcare professional is to determine if you have a hearing loss and to what degree. Many people choose to bring a family member or friend. Here's what you can expect:

  • An assessment of your hearing history
  • An ear exam to rule out ear wax or infection
  • A hearing test to determine what you can and cannot hear
  • A determination if you have a hearing loss and, if so, what type
  • A discussion of hearing solutions, which may include communication strategies, hearing instruments, and/or assistive listening devices

2. Your Fitting

During your fitting we will ensure:

  • You have a comfortable fit
  • Your hearing instruments are programmed for your hearing loss, set to a comfortable volume level and programmed to work optimally in most listening environments
  • You learn about your hearing instruments, including how to use, insert, remove, and care for them, and how to change the batteries

After your fitting, try out your hearing instruments in different environments. Talk to your family and friends and note how things sound. If things sound different, it is perfectly natural. Give yourself time - and patience - to become comfortable with your new hearing.

3. Your Follow Up

Your follow-up visit takes place after 2-3 weeks of wearing your new hearing instruments. This is the time to:

  • Share your experiences - the more information you provide, the more your hearing healthcare professional can ensure your hearing instruments are working optimally for you
  • Fine tune your hearing instruments – with the information you provide, we can make any necessary adjustments to improve your listening experience

We will then continue to ensure that your experience with your hearing devices is an excellent one.

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