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We are an established family-run, independent hearing healthcare provider with over 24 years of experience helping people just like you to hear better. We offer the very best hearing aids and best practice hearing care at our two Dorset hearing aid centres, in Christchurch and Verwood.

We are passionate about helping you hear better. We strongly believe in working with you to ensure you get the very best out of your hearing solution. That's why we make our six point hearing test promise, to provide you with complete peace of mind.

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The Best Hearing Aids
and Hearing Care in Dorset

We take great pride in supplying cutting-edge hearing aid technology and superb on-going support so you can hear again and get your life back on track.

Improving your hearing re-connects you to your world, to the people who are important to you and the activities you might be missing out on. With today's advanced hearing instruments and our experience and dedication, you can make a big change for the better - in just three easy steps.



I should have seen you much earlier..

Just to say a simple, thank you to both of you, for making me hear again.

It is now nine months since you fitted me with a Phonak hearing aid and I am happy and grateful to you for making things possible. You have also been kind and understanding which helped a lot. (I should have seen you much earlier!)"

Mr W Fiebig, Dorset

How we can help you

Hearing Healthcare Services

Hearing aids

Hearing AidsThe best hearing aids.

The latest hearing aids from the very best hearing aid brands. We only offer state of the art technology, hearing solutions that we are confident will work for you. 


Microsuction ear wax removal

Ear Wax RemovalQuick, safe and painless.

We offer safe, comfortable Microsuction Ear Wax Removal and Irrigation Ear Wax Removal in our hearing aid centres in Verwood and Christchurch. 


Tinnitus therapy

Tinnitus TreatmentsTake control of your tinnitus.

Tinnitus can't be cured, but we can help you to control it. We offer proven treatments to help you take control over your tinnitus. Come and see us to get relief. 


Lyric hearing aid

The Lyric Hearing AidThe truly invisible hearing aid.

We are one of a select few Independent Hearing Health Centres chosen to provide the Lyric hearing aid. If you would like an invisible hearing aid that will allow you to live without constraint, then this might be for you.


Hearing protection

Noise ProtectionLook after your hearing.

Hearing is precious, you really should protect yours from damage. We provide the latest custom hearing protection for Industry, Motor Sports, Shooting and Music. The ideal solutions to allow you to work and play while protecting your hearing.  


Hearing aid repairs

Repairs & ServicingKeep you hearing aids in tip-top shape.

We offer all make hearing aid repairs at our hearing aid centres in Verwood and Christchurch. So no matter what the brand is, if you have a problem, we are sure we can get it sorted. If we can't do it in branch, we will organise a Manufacturer's repair. 


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We supply a wide range of hearing aids from all of the world's leading manufacturers.

From tiny, discreet devices that others will not know you are wearing to high-power aids for people with profound hearing losses.


Need to discuss your tinnitus with an expert?

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The Hearing Show, in partnership with Imperial Hearing Limited and Clarity Hearing Solutions, returns to the South Coast after a successful event held in Bournemouth in May 2018. Those who missed out at this fabulous Bournemouth event, once again have the opportunity to experience a bigger, better show in Poole, held at the fabulous Lighthouse venue.

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Bournemouth Hearing Show 2018

Bournemouth Hearing Show is the South Coast's only annual exhibition of the latest innovations in the world of hearing aids, assistive listening devices plus related products and services. Many of the world's largest hearing aid manufacturers will be in attendance with specialists on hand to discuss your particular needs.

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Experience the world's first invisible hearing aid.

Try this state of the art invisible hearing aid technology for FREE at our Verwood Centre Open Day on February 20th. Places are limited, so call us today to guarantee your place. Tel: 01202 820638

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