About Clarity Solutions

Why choose Us.

We recently strengthened our position by becoming one of Imperial Hearing's group of independent hearing specialists. We are fully qualified, professional, hearing aid specialists. We offer you the full choice of the latest advanced digital hearing aids from the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, such as Phonak, Unitron, Widex, Oticon, Starkey, Siemens and GN Resound.

Our hearing centres are fully equipped with the latest technology which enables us to provide the most accurate results. Our two hearing centres in Christchurch and Verwood are able to cater to customers throughout Dorset and Hampshire.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to break down the barriers and dispel the stigma that prevents people from taking action on their hearing loss.

Hearing loss robs us of the the simple joy of interacting with the people and activities that we love.  We know we can help. 

In fact we are so sure, that we will ensure that you get to try it out to make up your own mind. 

What we Do.

Our six point promise gives you peace of mind and ensures you are fully informed and involved in any decision that is made. We will:

  1.  Check your ears are healthy through our rigorous testing procedure
  2. Discuss with you your individual hearing needs
  3.  Explain our findings clearly
  4.  Answer all your questions
  5. Only recommend hearing instruments if you need them
  6. Make sure any recommendation is right for you.

When you choose us to look after your hearing we guarantee to provide:

  • Outstanding customer service, including free lifetime aftercare and attention to detail
  • A choice of the latest digital hearing aids from the world's leading hearing aid manufacturers
  • Professional and highly qualified hearing aid audiologists
  • Live demonstrations of hearing aids along with 30 day money back guarantee trials
  • Pleasant and comfortable surroundings with state of the art testing booths to ensure accurate test results

Our services include:

  • FREE Hearing test
  • FREE Earwax check
  • FREE Hearing advice
  • FREE Lifetime Aftercare
  • Ear Wax Removal (Irrigation and Micro-suction)
  • Hearing Aid Repairs & Servicing
  • Musicians Earplugs
  • Noise Protection
  • Swim Plugs
  • Tinnitus advice

Our Hearing TestWe offer FREE hearing tests at our Christchurch and Verwood Hearing Aid Centres, at Verwood Surgery and at Shelley Manor Medical Centre.

We also offer FREE tests at home for those who live locally but would find it difficult to visit any of these locations.

To book your FREE Hearing Test call

01202 478881

Heather Cowell


Hearing Aid Audiologist

Heather Cowell, RHAD, MSHAA

In addition to being a fully qualified hearing aid audiologist, Heather has over 25 years nursing experience. Trained to undertake ear wax removal procedures Heather is also able to offer advice on ear wax management, tinnitus and general ear healthcare. Heather is based at our Verwood centre and also covers home visits across the Dorset area.

Jayne Smith


Hearing Aid Audiologist

sarah kent, RHAD, MSHAA

Sarah has many years experience as an Audiologist, having spent a long time working with the NHS, and more recently in private practice.

Sarah is mainly based at our Verwood centre but often covers home visits, outreach venues and our Christchurch centre on Saturday mornings.

Simon Cowell


Hearing Aid Audiologist

Simon Cowell, RHAD, MSHAA

Simon is an experienced hearing aid audiologist and is our technical troubleshooter.

Based at our Christchurch centre Simon specialises in wireless and Bluetooth systems, and has considerable experience in the fitting of CROS and BICROS hearing systems.

Simon Cowell


Receptionist, Administrator & Accounts

Elaine Chilcot

Elaine is likely to be the first face you see if you visit our Christchurch centre. An experienced customer care professional Elaine is our part time receptionist, administrator and accounts specialist.

Ruthless efficiency and a smiley face - the perfect combination!

Julia Fildes


Part-time Receptionist

Diane Merridew

Diane is our part-time receptionist at the Christchurch centre.  Di started working with us in March 2014.  She has a very friendly nature and is a whizz at routine hearing aid troubleshooting! 

Fiona Wrixon


Part-time Receptionist

Fiona Wrixon

Fiona is our part-time receptionist at the Verwood centre and she also undertakes a marketing role. Her computing skill and previous experience is proving a valuable asset to the Clarity team.

Fiona is a keen keep fitter and recently completed a Bournemouth to Paris cycle ride for charity.

Julia Fildes


Part-time Receptionist

Fiona Fitzgerald

Fiona covers reception at our Verwood centre on a part-time basis and can be found doing the same job at our Christchurch centre every other Saturday morning. Although Fiona is new to the world of audiology she is quickly getting to grips with all the technicalities.