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I would thoroughly recommend the team at Clarity Hearing Solutions. Having resisted wearing a hearing aid I have been delighted with the device fitted by Simon Cowell and wear it constantly. His initial expertise and advice has been supplemented by friendly and efficient follow up, which is always easily accessible.

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The Latest Signia / Siemens Hearing Aids

Signia, is the new brand name for Siemens hearing aids. Siemens were an exceptionally well known German company and their hearing aid division was one of the largest manufacturers of hearing aids worldwide. The hearing aid division was purchased a couple of years ago by a private consortium named Sivantos. Sivantos have not rested on their laurels, they quickly introduced the Binax and then Primax powered range of hearing aids which have amazed the hearing aid profession. Sivantos have now changed their hearing aid brand to Signia but they are still dual branded Siemens, but this is something that will slowly change over the next couple of years.

Siemens / Sivantos offer their hearing aids in a similar way to Phonak, they name their hearing aid types differently and use a numeral to signify the technology level. For instance, the Primax platform (chipset) is split into three technology levels, the 7 at the top, through 5 to 3 at the bottom. The hearing aids types are called Insio for custom hearing aids, Motion for BTE hearing aids and they have four different RIC / RITE hearing aid types called Pure, Carat, Cellion and Ace.

Amazing Innovation, Fine Tuning of Hearing Aids Remotely

Sivantos have proved themselves to be as innovative as any other manufacturer, they have recently introduced two major new innovations. Their rechargeable hearing aids will now use Lithium-ion technology which will give professionals the confidence to recommend them. Secondly, they have introduced an app that will allow deeper collaboration between users and professionals. One of the biggest new things in the app is remote fine tuning of hearing aids or tele-health. This is real innovation and we believe that all of the manufacturers can be expected to follow. It will mean that users will no longer have to physically attend the office for changes to their hearing instruments, something that many will be thankful for. Let's take a look at their stuff. 

Signia Pure BT 13

Imagine trying to talk to a friend in a crowded bar or at a busy railway station. You can still hear and understand, but you need to concentrate. In these situations, listening requires a lot of effort because the background noise is as loud as, or louder than what we are trying to listen to. In a crowded place, we talk very closely to our conversation partner and we raise our voice to be heard. Signia’s primax platform supports such challenging listening situations by deploying its unparalleled narrow directionality. primax wearers are clinically proven to hear even better in very noisy situations than people with normal hearing.*

* Study conducted at the University of Northern Colorado, 2015, examined the effectiveness of the new features of primax by collecting and analyzing ongoing EEG data while subjects performed speech testing. For both primax features SpeechMaster and EchoShield, the objective brain behavior measures revealed a significant reduction in listening effort when the feature was activated.

Sometimes it’s good to hear what’s important more clearly than all the background noise. 

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Primax Hearing Aids

Effortless hearing across the range.

Whatever the situation, whatever your preference – whether it’s RIC (Receiver in Canal), BTE (Behind The Ear) or ITE (In The Ear) hearing aids, htere is a Primax device for you. The outstanding primax hearing aid technology is available in three technology levels, 7px, 5px and 3px. From Ace primax™ and Pure primax™ RICs to the Motion primax™ standard BTEs and Insio primax™ ITEs, there’s a perfect hearing aid for almost every hearing loss. Plus, with its CROS Pure solution, primax also offers wearers with unaidable hearing loss in one ear easier all round hearing.

Signia Primax Hearing Aid Technology Levels

The technology levels are as follows, at the top of the technology levels is the 7px, then the 5px and finally the 3px at the bottom.

Siemens now Signia do things a little differently from the other manufacturers, while they have a platform (the Primax) which splits into three technology levels. They name their hearing aid styles differently. Let's talk about them and how they fit into the range.

Signia Receiver in Canal Hearing Aids

Signia now offers five receiver in canal hearing aids in the Primax range, the Ace, the Carat, the Pure, the Pure 13BT and the rechargeable Cellion:


Ace Primax

Ace Primax Hearing Aid

Light and comfortable, Ace primax is the smallest in their family of RIC hearing aids. It is an ideal solution for first time users offering both discretion and functionality. It can deliver real power and comes in a tiny form.



Pure primax.

Pure Primax Hearing Aids

Ideal for users who demand more control over their hearing aids. The new Pure primax combines elegant looks with the power of primax technology in a RIC hearing aid. The devices are suitable for almost every hearing loss. They have just introduced the Pure 13 BT which is a Made For iPhone hearing aid. 


Cellion primax.

Cellion Primax hearing aids

Outstanding rechargeable hearing aid with lithium-ion charging. Ideal for any user who doesn't want the hassle of changing batteries. It's re-chargeable lithium-ion power cell lasts up to two days without charging, while it's unique design makes it hassle free and easy to use.

Signia Behind The Ear Hearing Aids

Signia offers four Behind The Ear hearing aids in the Primax range:


Motion Primax Hearing Aids

Motion Primax Hearing Aids

Motion primax™ are fully featured BTE instruments with directional microphones for true binaural hearing. There are four different types in the Motion range, the Motion Sx, the Motion SA, the Motion S and the Motion P which is the most powerful. No matter what you need from a BTE device, the Motion Primax range has it covered.

Signia In The Ear Hearing Aids

Signia offers four In The Ear hearing aids in the Primax range:


Signia Insio Primax

Insio Primax Hearing Aids

Incredibly small and almost unnoticeable, the new Insio primax hearing aids are tailor-made for you and offer the ultimate in discretion and performance. All Insion Primax models from ITEs to the tiniest IICs can be remotely controlled. The Insio Primax range has four models, the Insio Primax IIC, the Insio Primax CIC, the Insio Primax ITC and the Insio Primax ITE.


Insio Primax Silk

Signia have had instant fit custom hearing aids in the past, however they say that Silk is the first completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid that’s both almost invisible and ready to wear. The device is a new offering on their latest primax chipset and are designed to fit up to 80% of all ear canals. While the device is labelled a CIC, for some lucky people it is actually an invisible hearing aid.

The device is a modular type hearing aid that uses a flexible Click Sleeve to provide an immediate and comfortable fit. There are several sizes of click sleeves to fit as many ears as possible.

Signia Silk Primax

Instant Fit Invisible Hearing Aid (almost)

The Click Sleeves are made of soft silicone and are available in six different types which allow the device to fit in the majority of ear canals and to fit the majority of hearing losses. With the right Click Sleeve in place the hearing aid sits quite deep in the canal making the device either invisible or almost invisible. 

Because Silk is powered by Signia’s Primax platform, users of the device can benefit from all of the outstanding features of that platform including their binaural OneMic directionality system and all of the other features that the Primax chipset offers. The device is also wireless so you can use your smartphone to adjust your hearing aids via the Signia touchControl™ app, and wirelessly stream virtually any audio device with the optional easyTek™ accessory. 


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