"I thought crickets were extinct"

It's great that I can now take an active part in family conversations but it's also other sounds which have been such a joy.

Until I had my new hearing aids I thought crickets were extinct! Thank you so much for making such a difference"

Mr. D. (Southbourne)

Hearing Protection

Noise ProtectionProlonged exposure to loud noise can result in a significant hearing loss. Often this could be prevented by using hearing protection, together with taking sensible precautions in noisy surroundings. Damage to the fine hair cells in the ear's cochlea from excessive noise tends to build up gradually and the effects may not be noticed until later in life when natural age related hearing loss can be compounded by the noise induced hearing loss. Wearing ear protection will help prevent hearing loss caused by excessive noise. Recent research estimates 170,000 people in the UK suffer deafness, tinnitus and other ear conditions due to exposure to excessive noise at work (source: www.hse.gov.uk).

We supply a wide selection of custom made ear protection devices suitable for shooting enthusiasts, motor sports, musicians and industry. We also offer products to protect swimmers ears and assist those who find noise prevents them from sleeping well. If you're a musician, music lover, ride a motorcycle, shoot or participate in a noisy sport, swim or work in a noisy environment, we can help you. Our custom fit hearing protection products are made to measure from impressions we take of your ears. Call us on 01202 478881 to book an appointment.

Because hearing is precious, you should protect yours at work and play, don't let your hobbies or work rob you of your hearing

Hearing Protection For Shooters

Noise protection for shootersNOISE PROTECTION FOR SHOOTERS

CENS - The Ultimate In Custom Noise Suppression.

Each pair of CENS are custom-made to the wearer’s ear, ensuring maximum comfort over many hours without the need to be removed. CENS are available in 3 variations:  

CENS Digital

CENS digital – Providing unsurpassed protection, while giving the wearer improved perceived sound, CENS digital are custom electronic noise suppressors. CENS digital 2 features two program settings, 1 for game, which boosts quieter sounds, and 2 for clay, giving extra suppression.


CENS ProflexCENS ProFlex – Made from flexible, medical-grade silicone material, these digital, ultra soft noise suppressors are designed to be extremely comfortable over long durations, whilst still providing excellent noise suppression.
CENS ProFlex utilises a modular design that features an interchangeable active system and for an extra cost you can also have a set of passive plugs, making cleaning simple.
Every pair of CENS ProFlex is also coated with an ultra-thin anti-bacterial layer, for improved comfort and hygiene. With CENS ProFlex you won’t even notice you’re wearing an earplug!
CENS ProFlex 2 also features two pre-programmed settings for game and clay shooting, and an ultra-soft canal tip on all earpieces for extra wearing comfort.

CENS Proflex Hunter

CENS Hunter – CENS Hunter are designed especially with the rifle marksman in mind. The brand new state-of-the-art circuitry inside every CENS Hunter is capable of suppressing the louder gunshot noise generated by rifle and large calibre ammunition.
CENS Hunter features two new pre-programmed settings, the second of which provides increased wind noise reduction, without losing the ability to hear sounds such as wing beats and animal cries.
Every pair is also supplied with wind shields that fit over the ear, cutting down wind noise even further when using a high chair or when shooting in severe conditions.
CENS Hunter also features the same modular design and additional passive insert as the CENS Flex.

Watch the CENS video.

CENS KITEvery pair of CENS is supplied with a comprehensive CENS pack, containing hard and soft carry cases, wallet, user manual, batteries, cleaning supplies and CENS baseball case and clothing patch.


The Puretone Sonic Valve soft silicone earplug provides comfortable protection for loud environments. The unique valve in each ear plug allows normal sound in such as speech and ambient noise, but when a loud noise such as a gun is fired it reacts to shut the harmful noise out.

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Music ProtectionCustom-Made Noise Protection For Musicians' & Gig Goers

Our skilled team of professionals are experts at creating a custom-made earpiece that is right for you, whether you are a serious musician, club DJ, gig goer or dedicated music listener.

Whatever your music or noise protection needs, we can supply the right product for you.

ER Noise PlugsElacin ER noise plugs feature an individually calibrated filter (9, 15 or 25dB), designed to attenuate all frequencies at the same level. Unlike solid noise plugs which attenuate all frequencies differently, these filtered ear plugs give a flat attenuation across the frequency range. This means Elacin ER noise plugs let you hear sounds accurately, but at a safe and comfortable level for your environment.

Elacin ER noise plugs are ideal for musicians who want to be protected from loud music exposure, but still hear the true sound and frequency range of the music and their instrument. Elacin ER noise plugs are custom-made, and fit deep into the ear canal to give the best comfort and attenuation.

Calibrated flat response noise plugs for musicians

Attenuates all frequencies evenly
Hear sounds safely and accurately
Available in 3 levels of attenuation

PROTECThearPROTECThear are custom-made soft silicone earpieces are designed to give effective noise protection whilst still being comfortable to wear for long periods. They are available in two types, full in-the-ear, and in-the-canal.

PROTECThear ear plugs are vented and incorporate a passive acoustic filter, which attenuates loud noises while maintaining the ability of the individual to hear speech, ambient noise and to use phones and radios. Excessive background noise is reduced, resulting in increased safety and performing comfort. PROTECThear earpieces are available in 4 colours. They provide approx. 29dB SNR attenuation.

Custom-made filtered soft silicone earpieces for maximum comfort

Made from medical grade silicone material
Feature passive acoustic filter to attenuate loud sounds
Reduces background noises while maintaining speech

Solid Noise PlugsThese solid, in-the-ear noise plugs are custom-made from soft Microflex silicone and are available in a number of colours. They provide approximately 30dB of attenuation, and are most suited to road crews or people who operate in loud environments often.

General purpose custom-made noise plug for maximum protection

Made from soft, flexible silicone material
Provide maximum attenuation
Available in a large range of colours

Micro Monitor

Professional personal listening and mix monitoring earpieces

Improved bass response
Effective noise protection
Available in a large range of colours
These custom-moulded Micro Monitor Classic 1 earpieces offer the ultimate in comfort, as they are anatomically moulded to the shape of the user's ear. The quality of the perceived sound improves, due to a closer fit to the ear canal, giving greater attenuation of unwanted sounds, and an increase in the low frequency response. The Micro Monitor Classic 1 also offers approx. 25dB of ambient noise reduction. They feature a single, balanced armature driver.

Micro Monitor Classic 1 Specification:

  • Frequency response: 40-16000 Hz
  • Impedance: 25 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 114 dB/mW
  • Weight: 20g approx.

Micro Monitor Classic 2

Dual balanced driver monitors for excellent sound quality

Increased range, clarity and depth of soundCustom-made
Improved bass response
Effective noise protection
Available in a large range of colours

The Puretone Music Micro Monitor Classic 2 with dual balanced armature drivers (for separate bass and treble frequencies, with passive crossover circuitry) achieves an acoustic separation of 20dB AVG. Like the standard Micro Monitor Classic 1, the Micro Monitor Classic 2 is custom-made, offering the utmost comfort and attenuation. These monitors are also provided with a soft ear canal projection, for added wearing comfort over long durations. The Micro Monitor Classic 2 offers approx. 25dB of ambient noise reduction.

Micro Monitor Classic 2 Specification:

  • Frequency response: 20-18000 Hz
  • Impedance: 27 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 119 dB/mW
  • Weight: 20g approx.

Micro Monitor Classic 3

Triple balanced driver monitors ideal for guitarists and vocalists

Amazing mid-range sound reproduction
Improved bass response
Effective noise protection
Available in a large range of colours

The ultimate in-ear monitors for professional musicians, the Puretone Music Micro Monitor Classic 3 features a triple driver system (for separate bass, mids and treble frequencies) with passive crossover circuitry. Improved mid-range frequency response especially benefits performing guitarists and vocalists, ensuring levels of clarity above everything else that is happening in the mix. Every pair of Micro Monitor 3s feature a soft ear canal projection for added comfort over extended wearing durations. The Micro Monitor Classic 3 offers approx. 25dB of ambient noise reduction.
Micro Monitor Classic 3 Specification:

  • Frequency response: 20-18000 Hz
  • Impedance: 25 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 124 dB/mW
  • Weight: 20g approx.

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Noise Protection For Motorsport

MotosoundIn-ear communication and noise protection for motorsport.

Custom-made MotoSOUND earpieces are made from soft flexible silicone material to give excellent comfort over long weraing durations.

Fitting deep into the ear canal, they create an acoustic seal which lowers outside noise considerably, while allowing audio to be heard clearly.

Being small and discreet, they fit under crash helmets, and are ideal for motorcyclists or racing drivers who need to have clear incoming communication and noise protection while driving.

Each pair features a fixed cable with a moulded 3.5mm jack plug. there are 11 colour options to choose from.

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