"..a life changing product"

I have to write to tell you I am absolutely delighted with my hearing aids. I have now used them for six weeks and feel I have returned to the world.

 I am able to participate in any conversation, including those within noisy background situations where previously, I felt isolated or have chosen to avoid"

Mr. J. Hedger. (Ringwood)

Qualified Impartial Advice For All Hearing Problems

The Hearing Test

Free Professional Hearing Tests Across Dorset

Ear examinationWe offer free professional hearing tests by appointment at our hearing centres in Christchurch and Verwood, Dorset. We also offer free tests at Verwood Surgery, Shelley Manor Medical Centre in Bournemouth and, for those who find travelling difficult, we offer local home tests. Click here to request an appointment.

Our Six Point hearing test promise to you. We will:-

  • · Check your ears are healthy
  • · Discuss your individual hearing needs
  • · Explain our findings clearly
  • · Answer all your questions
  • · Only recommend hearing instruments if you need them
  • · Make sure any recommendation is right for you

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The Assessment 

Your appointment will last approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. Once you arrive you will be greeted by our friendly reception and seated in the relaxed lounge area where you will be offered tea/coffee and biscuits. Unwind in the lounge area or have a chat with our reception staff. Firstly we will discuss your hearing with you, we may ask questions about your lifestyle and health. This will help us understand possible causes of any hearing problems. In essence, we will undertake the following

  • Examination of the ear and auditory canal
  • Full audiometric hearing assessment
  • Explanation and discussion of outcome
  • Impartial advice on the most suited hearing system for your individual requirements 

Case History

We will ask you a few questions about your hearing and general health.

Examination of the Ear

We will examine the outside of your ears first, then we will look in your ears with a light.


We will measure what are the faintest sounds you can hear in a quiet environment through headphones in a sound-proofed booth/room. You will have to press a button every time you hear a beep. The sounds start off louder and decrease gradually until they are very faint. This will tell us if the hearing is within normal range or in case of a hearing loss, what type and what level of hearing loss is present.

Outcome Explanation

We will clearly explain what we have found, if we have found a hearing loss, we will explain what the effects of that loss are on you. We will also make recomendations at this stage for possible further testing or a hearing solution. 


Free Online Hearing Test

The BSHAA online hearing check is free of charge and will give you an indication whether your hearing needs further investigation. Click the logo to take the test and if they recommend you get your hearing checked by a professional contact us to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.


We supply a wide range of hearing aids from all of the world's leading manufacturers.

From tiny, discreet devices that others will not know you are wearing to high-power aids for people with profound hearing losses.