I should have seen you much earlier..

I am filled with gratitude for the help and attention that I received with my hearing. It is wonderful to hear the birds, and has made a great change to my life especiallly social wise.

Once again thank you."

Mr M Smith, Christchurch

Troubleshoot your hearing aidsHearing Aid Repairs

We offer hearing aid repairs for all types and models of all of the major hearing aid brands at our hearing aid centres in Dorset.  Age and use can can cause problems with hearing aid electronics, making them fail. We always try to assess if we can repair the hearing aid on the spot, sometimes however, they will need the attentions of a trained repair technician. If we can't repair it in the store, we will handle the return of the hearing aid to the Manufacturer's repair facility for you.  

Hearing Aid Repair Checklist

Depending on the issues you may be having, you could try to troubleshoot your hearing aid on your own. Before you bring your hearing aid in for repair there are some common problems that you can check. Here are a few common hearing aid fixes you can try at home:

  • Replace the battery, sometimes you can just get a bad battery
  • Remove and reinsert your hearing aid
  • Clean your hearing aid especially at the sound outlet and mic
  • Replace the wax filter, often they can become blocked
  • Open and close the battery compartment, this is like restarting a computer

Take a look at the great infographic that Widex designed for troubleshooting hearing aids. We think it is a great tool to work through all of the possibilities. If you are still having trouble with your hearing aid after going through the checklist call us at 01202 820638 to schedule an appointment and discuss hearing aid repair options.