I should have seen you much earlier..

Just to say a simple, thank you to both of you, for making me hear again.

It is now nine months since you fitted me with a Phonak hearing aid and I am happy and grateful to you for making things possible. You have also been kind and understanding which helped a lot. (I should have seen you much earlier!)"

Mr W Fiebig, Dorset

Consultant Approved Hearing Aid Centre

Consultant Approved Site

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We are proud to be England's first hearing healthcare professional to be awarded Phonak's 'Consultant Approved Site' status

Our aim has always been to obtain the highest satisfaction level possible for our clients. Everything we do is driven by this one goal. We are delighted that our efforts have been recognised by leading hearing aid manufacturer Phonak and that they have awarded us the first 'Consultant Approved Site' in England.

We will continue to do everything we can to ensure the best results possible for our clients and we believe our dedication to this goal is what has helped to set us apart from others in our industry. Click here to read what our clients are saying.


Clarity Hearing Solutions in Christchurch and Verwood has been awarded ‘Consultant Approved’ accreditation by Phonak, the world’s leading manufacturer of hearing instruments. In a first of its kind, the award recognises the centre as offering an outstanding level of care to their customers and best practice in audiology.

To qualify under the ‘Consultant Approved Site’ scheme and become recognised as a centre of excellence, audiologists at Clarity Hearing Solutions were required to pass a series of audits against best practice set by an independent advisory panel, made up of some of the best clinicians in the country, including Harley Street audiologist Rony Ganguly and Professor Quentin Summerfield from the University of York.

The journey towards becoming a ‘Consultant Approved Site’ started off with a simple self assessment form, whereby audiologists at Clarity Hearing Solutions analysed themselves to see where they measured against the best practice ideals identified by the programme. They were then audited by independent experts, each with their own fields of expertise.

Hearing Aid Audiologist Simon Cowell said: “We are extremely proud to have achieved ‘Consultant Approved’ accreditation from Phonak as part of the new scheme. It is a great way for us to illustrate to customers the level of experience and loyalty that we can offer here at Clarity Hearing Solutions, while also allowing us to ensure we are delivering consistently high standards that exceed industry standards.”

Phonak Managing Director, Stuart Neilson said: “Phonak has been a pioneer of hearing instrument development for more than 60 years. We are proud of our longstanding relationship with Clarity Hearing Solutions and the Consultant Approved Site programme is a way of promoting the outstanding quality service and expertise that they deliver every day. As market leader, we want to make it easier for members of the general public to find the best possible help and we’re confident the Consultant Approved Site will help people navigate the market”.

Your hearing aid is only part of the journey

Why choose a Consultant Approved Site?

Despite breakthrough developments in hearing instrument technology, a significantly high proportion of users still report dissatisfaction with their hearing aids. Studies have shown that this dissatisfaction may be due to the way the hearing instrument has been fitted and the aftercare support provided by the hearing healthcare professional.

This issue highlights the fact that the hearing aid is only a part of your journey to better hearing. The ability of your hearing healthcare professional and the standards and protocol they follow are the key to releasing the full potential of the hearing instrument. Consultant Approved Sites are committed to following the very highest standards of audiological and customer care as specified by an independent advisory panel.

With a Consultant Approved Site you can rest assured you are receiving the very highest standards of audiological and customer care. Consultant Approved Sites commit to providing:
• Full assessment and understanding of your lifestyle needs
• Screening for issues related to your general health that may impact on your hearing solution
• Understanding your motivation and managing your expectations for the future
• Thorough hearing assessment including speech testing with the latest equipment
• Full range of rehabilitation, fitting, verification and counselling to ensure the very best outcome
• On-going care and support


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