"..should have done it years ago

Thank goodness for Clarity Hearing. Friendly and professional service throughout and the results are staggering! TV is a delight now that I have the ComPilot link set up - no more lost dialogue in dramas. My wife is also delighted now that she doesn't have to shout, interpret or cower at the back of the room when the TV is on. The automatic switch to music is fantastic and the zooming control in noisy situations has transformed my day. Should have done it years ago!

Mr Cross (Christchurch)

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Better hearing in three easy steps

Hearing Evaluation

Improving your hearing re-connects you to your world, to the people you care about and the activities you might be missing out on. With today's advanced hearing instruments and the help of a hearing healthcare professional, you can make a big change for the better - in just three easy steps.

Once you've decided to take this important decision, here's what you can expect.

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Step 1: Your evaluation

The purpose of the first visit to a hearing healthcare professional is to determine if you have a hearing loss and to what degree. Many people choose to bring a family member or friend. Here's what you can expect:

  • A hearing test to determine what you can and cannot hear
  • A determination if you have a hearing loss and, if so, what type
  • A discussion of hearing solutions, which may include communication strategies, hearing instruments, and/or assistive listening devices

If hearing instruments are the solution for you, your hearing healthcare professional will help you choose one which fits your hearing loss, lifestyle, design preferences and budget. Depending on the style you select, you may have your fitting at the same appointment, or you may have customised ear moulds made and return for a fitting in 1-2 weeks.

Step 2: Your fitting

Hearing Aid Fitting

During your fitting we will ensure:

  • You have a comfortable fit
  • You learn about your hearing instruments, including how to use, insert, remove, and care for them, and how to change the batteries

After your fitting, try out your hearing instruments in different environments. Talk to your family and friends and note how things sound. If things sound different, it is perfectly natural. Give yourself time - and patience - to become comfortable with your new hearing.

Step 3: Your follow-up

Your follow-up visit takes place after 2-3 weeks of wearing your new hearing instruments. This is the time to:

  • Share your experiences - the more information you provide, the more your hearing healthcare professional can ensure your hearing instruments are working optimally for you
  • Fine tune your hearing instruments – with the information you provide, we can make any necessary adjustments to improve your listening experience.

Today's hearing instruments are different

Hearing instrument technology has undergone huge advances, providing sophisticated hearing solutions that meet the demands of active lifestyles. Today's hearing instruments are much smaller - some are virtually invisible - and some are able to integrate seamlessly with other technologies, such as Bluetooth® enabled mobile phones and MP3 players. Talk to us to find out more.


We supply a wide range of hearing aids from all of the world's leading manufacturers.

From tiny, discreet devices that others will not know you are wearing to high-power aids for people with profound hearing losses.